Checking Tyre Pressure

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How to Fix the Lights on Your Trailer

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How many times will you deal with a faulty component before you finally decide to replace it? If you’re like most people, you will put up with a certain amount of disruption and annoyance before something finally makes you snap. You may have encountered this issue with your boat trailer, where everything is working correctly as you set out on a trip, but the lighting system is stubbornly absent when you return. Read More»

Motoring Tips to Get the Best From Your Tyres

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Extending the life of your tyres means lowering the average cost per mile that you drive. Simply put, the fewer number of times that you need to exchange your tyres for new ones, the lower your overall expenditure on your car will be. Having said that, the reasons for keeping your car’s tyres in good condition extend well beyond mere economics. Driving in a way that keeps your tyres working well means that you will maintain better traction on the road, which could be essential to your safety if you need to brake in an emergency. Read More»

Two things that can increase the speed with which your truck tyres deteriorate

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If you drive a truck, it’s important to be aware of the things that could potentially increase the speed with which your truck’s tyres deteriorate. Here are two such things. Overloading your truck’s storage container Your vehicle’s manual should specify the maximum load limit for the truck’s storage container. It is extremely important not to exceed this limit, as to do could result in the rapid deterioration of your truck tyres. Read More»

Shake, Rattle And Roll: Why Is My Steering Wheel Vibrating, And How Can It Be Fixed?

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Experiencing any kind of unusual, unexpected vibration while driving can be distinctly unnerving, and it can be especially spooky when the inexplicable shaking is happening right under your own fingertips. Excessive vibration from your steering wheel might not be a catastrophic mechanical failure, but it can be a symptom of more serious faults with your car, and anyone who notices an increase in steering wheel vibration while driving should take their car in for professional mechanics to inspect. Read More»

Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment? 3 Ways to Find Out

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Proper wheel alignment is the key to your car’s optimal drivability and performance. In case of emergencies where you must dodge something quickly or make a sharp turn at high speed, your car’s wheel alignment could also be the thing that saves your life. If you regularly drive through potholes or down bad roads, you are more likely to experience wheel alignment problems especially if you drive poorly. Wheel alignment problems can also emerge when you hit a kerb on the road. Read More»

Car Service

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Car service is a necessary investment for your car to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively even after prolonged use. There is a set time period that should elapse before you service your car. This time period depends on the ways in which you use your car such as on rough roads or on tarmac roads. If you use your car on tarmac roads the usual time limit that needs to elapse before you send your vehicle in for car service is between 4 - 6 months. Read More»

Understanding and Preventing Flat Spots on Your Tyres

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Flat spots are something which can affect any car tyre. If you would like to find out more about what a flat spot, how it is caused and the steps you can take to avoid this problem, read on to learn more. The definition of a flat spot When your chemical is in motion, the tyre spin at speed and generate friction. This friction generates heat which warms the rubber and keeps it flexible. Read More»

Industrial Castors: Three Essential Tips for Protecting Your Cart Wheels

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Industrial castors are ideal for handling heavy-duty carts because these elements are strong and durable. However, if the wheels are not handled correctly, they will experience accelerated deterioration and failure. As a result, you might need to constantly purchase new specialised castors for your industrial carts. If you are looking to cut down your purchase expenses, you should use the below-outlined tips for protecting your wheels. Choose the Correct Wheel for Your Environment Read More»

Tips to Make Your Car Tyres Last Longer and Maximise Your Vehicle Safety, Comfort and Performance

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Every vehicle on the road is able to move with the help of tyres. Well-maintained tyres are vital to ensuring optimal comfort and safety while driving. That is why it’s important for you as a motorist to ensure your car tyres are in good working shape before hitting the road. Failure to take proper care of your car tyres can result in irregular tyre wear, which will lead to bumpy rides but also put you and your passengers as well as other road users including pedestrians and fellow motorists in harm’s way. Read More»