Checking Tyre Pressure

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How Can You Make Your Tyres Last Longer?

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One of the principal ongoing costs with maintaining a car is the expenditure you will need to set aside for new tyres. Unlike many parts of a car, the tyres are designed to wear out. This is not a design fault. The rubber compounds tyres are made from can offer a better level of grip if they are sacrificial. Therefore, one of the best ways to economise on them is to buy high-quality products you can from your local tyre shop. Although you may need to fork out a greater initial sum, such tyres will tend to last much longer on the road with less wear while still affording you a high level of grip. How else can you lower your tyre expenditure?

Don't Avoid Wheel Tracking

Do not skimp on having your car's wheels aligned. Even if they are out by a very small fraction of a degree from one another, poorly set tracking can cause premature ageing of your tyres' tread. This will usually happen on one set of tyres but not the other, either on the left or the right-hand side. When new tyres are fitted, you should always have your car's wheel alignment confirmed for you. However, if you feel the car has started to pull to one side, then this is also a good time to have the tracking confirmed professionally.

Accelerate Less

If you are in the habit of pulling away fast, then this will also cause lots of wear to your tyre tread. To avoid this, make sure that you do not rev too hard before you engage your clutch from stationary. Equally, try pulling away in second gear on flat ground, as this will make it much less likely that your wheels will spin and wear. When in traffic, hang back a little more, so you can ease off the accelerator rather than brake, as this will also preserve the longevity of your tread.

Pump Your Tyres Up

Finally, it is essential that you ensure that your tyres are properly inflated at all times. Even partially under-inflated tyres will cause excessive wear to the tread. This is because under-inflated tyres tend to spread out on the road. As a result, more tread will be engaged with the tarmac than would otherwise be the case. Equally, it is important not to over-inflate your tyres, since this will cause radial wear on them to occur.